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 PC Soft & More Inc offers hardware and software repairs services for computers, Laptops and Windows based Tablets.

We offer free estimates, high quality repairs with certificated parts at affordable prices. We can promise your computer, Laptop or Tablet 100% functioning system after our repair service without losing your data. Our technicians will offer you the best level of customer service, the fastest and reliable Computer repair Service in Florida. Whatever computer problem you need fixed, we can help! Our work is 100% guaranteed and we offer the longest warranty of any computer repair service company around Florida to ensure that you are safe from any reoccurring problem. Contact Us.




PC Soft & More Inc. offers a professional and highly efficient computer repair and laptop repair service to both home and business users. This includes everything from fixing overheating laptops to diagnosing and repairing faulty components inside your PC such as power supplies and expansion cards. Our team are all highly experienced, with over 30 years combined in the industry, and we can quickly diagnose almost any hardware fault. If the repair of hardware components is not possible, or simply not economically advisable, then we can supply replacement parts and fit them for you as well. Your time is important, and whether you are a home or business user, we will do everything we can to make sure that your computer or laptop is working again as soon as possible.